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Masters World Mountain Running Championships 2012 in Bühlertal

The Turnverein Bühlertal has been assigned of the WMRA (World Mountain Running Association) to arrange the 12th Masters World Mountain Running Championships in 2012.


These are the official world Championships for masters (male/female) in mountain running. After several county-championships (Badische Meisterschaften), German championships in masters and competitive categories, now this is another highlight for Turnverein Bühlertal. End of 2010 Turnverein Bühlertal's first chairman Karl Preis and organizational leader Jürgen Brügel had applied to host the championships in 2012. Jürgen Brügel now got an email from Italy. Bruno Gozzelino, president of WMRA, confirms WMRA's assignment of the German Athletics Association together with the local organizer, the TV Bühlertal. Even the date was already fixed: from Friday, 18th May to Sunday, 20th May the World Championships are scheduled to take place in Bühlertal/Germany. The organizing team of Jürgen Brügel has already begun its work and has begun the planning process.


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